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  • Our STORY

    We found the balance between fashion and attitude.
    We took our 20 years of experience in the textile industry, unfold it and cut it into a new business model. We sewed ideas and concept together until we managed to place on hangers more than clothes, until we managed to shape pieces that follow the shape of you attitude. In other words, we transformed our factory in a style one.
    We don’t offer just outfits, but opportunities to express as you feel and reasons to discover yourself and to let yourself be discovered each step you take. EMA\T Concept is for you.
    Quality materials, timeless pieces and a pop-up store that we bring closer to you when you need it – this is our promise to you. We offer you more than clothes, we give you time.

    Meet THE TEAM

    This project has come to life because of these two, so we leave them to tell more about themselves:


    When I was young my favorite activities were making puzzles and making clothes from whatever I could find. As time passed I started to spend more time with the second one, but I was still young and left it on a shelf eventually.
    I switched from an enthusiastic student – not even near fashion industry – to corporate pioneer with opportunities to grow. It was a good experience, I’ve learned a lot and I’ve met a lot of beautiful people.
    Not so long ago I had to leave the office and the team I was coordinating to make another change: I left the financial domain for motherhood.
    This is me, a combination of all stated above. Just as positive and joyful, but at the start of a new beginning: EMA\T Concept.


    My ID no longer states I’m 20 years old, but I still feel young. Maybe this is the reason why I decided to start a new chapter in my life. I left my career in finances to become an entrepreneur.
    My friends and family would describe me as being an explorer, someone who likes to discover new things while managing to stay prudent. Something else about me, I’m calm and always on the move, but somehow find time to spend with those that matter to me.
    I’m glad that EMA\T Concept is an opportunity for me to discover my artistic talent because I’ve always neglected it.

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