Everyone loves an origin story. And not only does THE-CØDED have a great one, it has a great purpose too: to re-humanise the fashion industry.

THE-CØDED began when a small team of people, with over 100 years’ combined experience in the fashion industry, could no longer look past the obvious flaws in the fashion manufacturing process.

We asked ourselves how we could meaningfully contribute towards rewriting the narrative of the fashion industry, and in our experience, the only way to effect change within a broken system is from the inside.

We’ve always believed that every item of clothing is so much more than the brand label sewn onto it, and years in the industry have taught us that the real heroes operate behind the scenes.

We want to introduce you to the seamstresses and the pattern-makers. To the factories and logistics teams that manifest their creativity. We want to share the whole story with you, so that you can begin to appreciate the process as much as we do.